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With more than 18 years’ experience in various residential and commercial lending capacities, many of Hugo’s clients would say, “He is the guy you want on your team”! One of his key attributes that sets him apart, is his resourcefulness. There's no scenario too complex. There are only solutions and he prides himself on providing such solutions for every client.  He has the rare ability to put himself in his clients shoes, in order to better navigate what is best for each client. It is not uncommon for Hugo’s clients to look for his problem solving talents in other areas of their business.


“Being part of the solution and helping clients solve their financial puzzles is the best part of my job,” says Hugo. “This is not just about a transaction, it’s about building a long standing relationship with each and every client and supporting our business community”.


Hugo’s background  includes a successful mix as a financial advisor, being a top producer for several regional and national mortgage companies, and the sheer “will to get it done” attitude allows him a specialized approach. The passion and goals to continue to grow his legacy for his 4 children and family, is at his core.  Each and every action is taken with the utmost respect and appreciation for his clients. The end goal is to create a client base that will continue to work with him for years to come.

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